• RevolutionAgile

    Revolution Exercise

    We tried this creative exercise and were impressed with the results. It’s from the book ?What If!: How to start a creative revolution at work. Try the exercise for yourself at work or at home. Think of a product that you have, that you want …

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  • Wales

    Agile Cymru 2015

    For those of you who don’t know I’m half Welsh and half Afrikaans. I speak Afrikaans fluently but my primary language is English. As for Welsh – a couple of words and I can count to 10 Recently I saw that Wales is having its …

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  • Screenshot 2014 11 25 08.15.26

    Portfolio Kanban

    It’s not often that you watch a recorded talk and think WOW! Last week this happened to me and I found myself retweeting and forwarding the talk via email to a bunch of people. I guess that makes it blog worthy material! This is a …

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  • Training

    A Coaching Experiment

    This month Karen and I were lucky enough to have 2 unplanned sessions with a group of other coaches. It was so great to talk to fellow coaches about what’s working, what isn’t, to hear their war stories, get their advise, and to share our …

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  • Odyssey01

    Scrum Gathering South Africa 2014 Report Back

    Last week we attended the Scrum Gathering in South Africa. As usual it was a well organised conference with loads of learning and great sessions. We recorded a video podcast of the sessions we attended and what we enjoyed. Sam also interviewed some people at …

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  • 1

    Closing Keynote

    I was asked at 9pm on Monday night (whilst having drinks in the bar…) to deliver the closing keynote at the South African Scrum Gathering 2014. Great, except the talk was at 4pm the next day. The planned speaker couldn’t get a visa in time. …

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  • 01 WhatIsUX

    What is UX?

    On Monday Karen and I did a talk with Debre Barrett from Flow Interactive on What is UX? This was at the Scrum Gathering of South Africa. Our aim was to give teams a few techniques that they can use, and tp spread the word that …

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  • InspectAdapt

    Retrospective Plan from a new ScrumMaster

    It’s always great as a coach when you see someone take what you have taught them and really embrace it. Rushida Hendricks is a new Scrum Master at Liberty Health. This is the retrospective plan she created for her team’s fourth retrospective. What I love …

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  • PODecisionTree1

    Product Owner Decision Making

    The most important thing a Product Owner needs to do is say NO. If they don’t it results in a huge backlog with lots of items, and usually pressure to deliver more than is realistically achievable. Many people fail to realise that Scrum is not about building …

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  • Scan1

    UXSouthAfrica – UX and Agile

    Today we are doing a talk at UXSouthAfrica on UX and Agile. This topic has been a favourite of ours for a while. We believe strongly that agile and UX can work together very well. Unfortunately what we see most often is a sprint of …

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