• WomanInAgile

    Amazing woman in agile speakers

    Recently on twitter there has been much chatter around having more diverse speakers at Agile conferences (and IT conferences in general). By diverse I mean anything besides white men. This post by Lisa Crispin (http://lisacrispin.com/2015/02/28/conference-organizers-need-try-harder/) got me thinking. Am I helping? Or am I enabling …

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  • SalarySurveySmall

    2015 Scrum Master and Agile Coach Salary Survey

    We last did a Scrum Master salary survey in 2013, and we’ve had a few enquiries for updated information. Since agile coaching has become much more popular since our last survey we’ve included agile coaches in this survey. If you are a Scrum Master or …

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  • TheTestingManifestoSmall

    The Testing Manifesto

    About 2 years ago we created our version of a testing manifesto, as a quick summary of the mindset you should adopt when thinking about agile testing. We thought it was pretty cool Apparently so did many others, and the slide we had has been …

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  • 7tips

    7 tips for being an Agile Manager

    We recently gave a talk at the ITWeb Software Development Management Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa. We decided to speak about what should a software development manager of agile teams be focussed on. Personally I think these 7 tips can be applied to anyone in …

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  • Bebrave2

    Top tips to benefit from conferences

    We all attend conferences for the great learning opportunity, and I’m sure many of us are filled with ideas that over time become distant memories and then fade away completely. Here are some of tips on how to maximise your conference learnings. Tip 1 Schedule …

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  • Ci2isquare

    Agile Ci2i

    One of the common themes at the coach retreat was how to get senior managers and C-level executives to understand the mindset, culture and environment that is required for agile to succeed. As coaches we have the experience to see when a company culture will …

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  • SMSkeleton

    The ScrumMaster Skeleton

    Our team had 4 people in it: myself, Arthur, Nadine and Heidi. Our vision was a simple one: We aim to guide and inspire Scrum Masters on their learning journey. We started by brainstorming everything we thought ScrumMasters should know, including books, videos, blogs etc. …

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  • AgileAppraisalsManifesto1

    The Agile Appraisals Manifesto

    The Authors :  Philip (@7ft_phil), Justin (@the_jus), Candice (@candicemesk), Yusuf (@ykaloo) The Situation Given      Appraisal must happen in a corporate agile team When    Doing agile and doing it right in terms of delivery of software. We want to    Ensure that the …

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  • Aeroplane

    Aeroplane Game

    Note: In US-English this is Airplane Game and in non-US-English it is Aeroplane Game. What you can learn This game is a great way to illustrate how limiting work in progress can dramatically improve a team’s performance. It also illustrates how flooding the system upstream …

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  • Hinthunt

    Fantastic Team Building Activity!

    We talk a lot about the importance of creating teams in agile. People need to learn to work together towards an overall goal and share accountability rather than each person doing only their piece and not caring about the whole. It takes a long time …

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